Scheduling Marcelo (or Valorie) To Speak

Bringing God’s Word to you

Our focus as a ministry is to teach the Bible, and the primary vehicle to accomplish our goal is the public teaching ministry of Marcelo Tolopilo (founder and president of Walking In The Promises) and his wife, Valorie. Walking In The Promises will prayerfully consider each invitation to speak. God permitting, we look forward to nurturing a ministry relationship that will encourage your people and bring glory to our God.

“What are the costs?”

Traveling expenses: We ask that you cover our traveling expenses (varies with location). We would be happy to dialogue with you personally regarding your particular destination.

Honorarium: We are sensitive to the reality that Churches, Retreat Centers, and Organizations have varying means. We do not have a fee schedule and leave the honorarium amount to your discretion. Our general rule of thumb is that your honorarium be an average of the last three speakers you have invited to bless your people. We ask that you remember Walking In The Promises has needs like any other ministry and depends on the generosity of God’s people to meet its obligations. We also ask that all gifts be issued exclusively to the ministry of Walking In The Promises.

Scheduling Form